We are stars wrapped in skin. The light you are
seeking has always been within.
— Rumi

What to Expect from an Astrological Consultation

Who are you? What is your inner “wiring” and motivations? What’s the full picture of self and how does it align with purpose? We will explore all of these areas, and much much more, based on your needs. My hope is that the process allows you to validate and become more aware of various strengths and mutant super powers, within you. I fully believe we have everything within us to realize our wholeness. A proper astrological synthesis should respect these various parts of ourselves, engaging us with with conscious insight. To do this I work with the following charts, methods (and much more) below. Using three charts is unique to the Huber method. Clients appreciate, and are quite moved, by the accuracy and insights these charts illuminate.

Nodal, Natal, House Chart — unique to Huber Method. Incredibly illuminating.

Nodal, Natal, House Chart — unique to Huber Method. Incredibly illuminating.

Nodal Chart

The nodal chart represents the summary of past experiences, behaviour patterns and belief systems with which we are deeply familiar and the essence of which we carry within us at the unconscious level. For instance, if we have spent many years, or life times, in positions of authority then this will be deeply ingrained in our unconscious and will form part of our ‘shadow’ personality. The nodal chart does not specifically identify with any one experience from any previous incarnation. Research, through depth psychology, word stimulus, and associations have validated the nodal chart’s illuminating capacity for understanding.

Natal Chart

The natal chart is the chart that we have been given to work with in this lifetime. It shows a pattern of possibilities that we need to recognize and, to the best of our ability, develop in order to fulfill the potential that it symbolizes. In one sense we could see it as a link in a chain which joins us both to the past, the nodal chart, and to the future, the house chart.

House Chart

The house chart represents the environment that we are born into (family, social class, culture etc) and shows the opportunities, constraints and challenges that this environment provides us with in order to grow and fulfill our potential (natal chart). It reflects the conditioning that we receive as children when we absorb everything that the environment presents us with, without awareness or discrimination. As we get older and we learn to use our free will to manage the influence of others, the house chart can be experienced as a resource for us to tap into in order to develop the qualities and abilities that we need to function most effectively and express our highest potential. In other words it can show us aspects of our personality which we can work on and which will help in this process of development.

Age Point Timing — Where Are You Now?

The strongest timing system I use is called Huber Age Point, or Life Clock. Although my aim is to help you understand your many strengths and subpersonalities, it is equally important, if not more so, to focus on where you are, now.   What troubles and concerns you Now? For this I will be looking at your Age Point, along with your present progressions and transits. These will shed more light on your situation.  Astrology can help point out your choices or the changes and influences around you. Technical Bits: I also use secondary progressions and transits along with Age Point. These, combined, have proven to be VERY effective timing techniques.

The Age Point system is a gilt-edged timing technique. It is relatively simple yet profound, producing accurate results with a verified birth time.

The Age Point system is a gilt-edged timing technique. It is relatively simple yet profound, producing accurate results with a verified birth time.

Practical Spiritual Growth

I like to give my clients tools they can walk away with and use on a daily basis for personal development. Spiritual growth better be practical! I’m a firm believer in doing the daily work on ourselves that can lead us towards meaningful development. We’ll explore how you use the various planets and your inner motivations in daily life. How are using your inherited energies? I will use various terms for these, subpersonalities, or psychological drives. The timeless wisdom of astrology allows me to quickly see these parts of yourself. The deep inner drives, and the colourful charts we use (Huber astrology is very visual and easy for clients to grasp) will allow you to resonate with its energies quickly.

Things I Can’t Do

I can’t tell you what to do, or tell you the winning lottery numbers (sorry!). Astrology is very powerful but astrologers do not see all and know all. I also do not provide medical advice, or psychological diagnosis. Astrology CAN work within many realms and I can refer you to other astrologers if you let me know what you are looking for.

It’s important to pick the right astrologer for your needs. “Words Make Worlds” and it is very difficult to “un”-hear information given to you in an astrological consultation. Within my organizations and professional designations I have a code of ethics and an oath I swore to, and that I take very seriously. I maintain a high-level of professional conduct that respects privacy and the growth and development of the individual.

Answering the Call of Self - Life Purpose and Spiritual Alignment

At the heart of astrology lies a spiritual dimension. Huber astrology places strong emphasis in the nodal axis and how it aligns with the overall chart expression, or gestalt of the individual. The Call of Self is always waiting for you. There’s no rush!