The Sea Within You - Huber Astrological Consultation


The Sea Within You - Huber Astrological Consultation


The Sea Within You Birth Chart Consultation: It is highly unique to you! (Approximately 2 hours, longer if needed).

A birth chart may be seen as a map of the soul. It's your Call of Self, expressed visually. By coming to understand it you can identify more of what your true self is saying. The realities of our lives – work, family, relationships, money, all have a deeper thread and story behind and beneath them. Seeing these underlying threads can help you understand the context and significance of what’s happening to you and how to best engage with it.

We will explore characteristics, qualities, strengths, life-orientation, gifts and challenges that are inherent in the unique moment that you came in on. These can help you clarify what you’re really here for, who you are, where you’re coming from and where you’re going. Please see my About section detailing more of what my process entails. The Huber method has a systematic flow, is open, holistic and very comprehensive.

To schedule your appointment, please submit payment below. In the included form you will send your birth information. Once you complete your order I will contact you to arrange a suitable time to meet. I receive an email the instant your fill your order.

Consultations are offered by phone or web video (Zoom) or Skype. If you are on PEI I can arrange private consultations in your home (additional fees for travel, time). Charts are provided (PDF emailed) as well as digital recordings (delivered to you digitally afterward).

Strict confidentiality is assured. As a professional member of the Astrological Psychology Association I adhere to their code of ethics

Contact me with any questions!

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