Timing Systems I use - Age Point, Progressions, Transits

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In astrology, it’s common (or mostly common) practice to find a linkage between three separate timing points before we feel confident in the level of impact it will have with a client. For example, transits alone are not enough to accurately provide timing for an individual. However, combining timing systems and relating themes across a few timing systems can be very powerful, solid.

In Huber method we use the gilt-edged Age Point system. It’s very powerful and sometimes it’s all I need to use with clients. However, it’s common practice to combine Age Point, Secondary Progressions, and Transits together. With these three systems I can usually pinpoint the areas clients are focusing on. Age Point provides the overall macro perspective; progressions provide a higher-yet view; and transits allow more clarity. I use a system that is similar to Steven Forrest’s, in his book The Changing Sky (Part 4 -- Nets). I like his process as it keeps me from getting “lost in the weeds” with the amount of data.

There’s no such thing as a perfect timing system. I absolutely love how much information Age Point continues to deliver me. In a very short amount of time I can find answers to where people are “at” and with further dialing in of progressions and transits we can sharpen our focus. I’m curious as to other techniques and I will continue to research and stay open to new methods. But for now, I’m excited at the strength of tools I have at my disposal. I continue to be amazed at the power and accuracy of this system and client feedback is where the proof lives!


Age point moving around the chart…6 years per house, conjunctions and oppositions are primary

By using Age Point first we catch a holistic glimpse of where the client is (in this case the Age Point is located on the AC in Scorpio, conjunct Venus, approximately age 1). Moving from Age Point, to Progressions, then Transits provides a reliable, robust timing and development feedback for the individual.

The APA has many biographical Age Point-related entries (great way to see AP in context with historical and real-life people) https://astrologicalpsychology.org/apa-blog/

Books on Age Point system:



https://astrologicalpsychology.org/books/the-cosmic-egg-timer/ (must read on the basics)

https://astrologicalpsychology.org/books/astrological-psychology-the-huber-method/ Full course book

https://astrologicalpsychology.org/books/moon-node-astrology/ Exploring the Moon Node chart’s timing system (shadow persona, subliminal self).