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Hello. I'm Mark, and I am an astrological consultant and psychosynthesis practitioner working in PEI, Canada (isn't PEI beautiful? All pictures courtesy of my brother, professional photographer Al Douglas). My services are local as well as online, nationally and internationally.

Are you seeking insights and new solutions in your life? Astrology is really useful for this and an astrological session with me will provide meaningful insights. That's because Huber astrology has over 50 years of research. It is a rapidly-growing form of astrology that combines the esoteric teachings of Alice Bailey; the illuminations of Dr. Roberto Assagioli's psychosynthesis, and the creative intelligence of psychologist/astrologers Bruno and Louise Huber.

TheSeaWithinYou is devoted to supporting personal development through astrology and psychosynthesis. It’s full of guidance and support to help illuminate. Derived from the Icelandic word, InnSaei, a borderless center of imagination beyond words. It’s inner knowing, guidance and light. InnSaei also speaks to our ability to “see from the inside, out” aligning with purpose as we answer our call to Self. InnSaei is also an amazing, insightful movie.

Under notebook you will find articles that bridge the timeless teachings and esoteric thought of astrology along with the positive “psychology of hope” founded by Dr. Roberto Assagioli. Therein you’ll hear me relate my own inner desire to relate cosmos and psyche.

To book an astrology consultation, please see my consultations page. Please don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to working with you!

All photography provided by Al Douglas



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